Built with a specific focus on ease of use and the ultimate in functionality, GraspPAY provides a solution to Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and corporate travel booking channels that is unlike any other in the industry. GraspPAY Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs) can be integrated into the major GDS and online booking tools to provide a more efficient, effective, and secure way to pay for and settle corporate travel andNetworksImage expense transactions.

GraspPAY also provides fully integrated analytics for better managing all of your data and making real time, impactful decisions that drive business cost savings and efficiency.

  • Fully integrated with GDS and Online Booking Tools
  • Seamless integration with No Disruption to Booking Flow
  • Flexible Payment Strategies
  • Available for all transaction types (Air, Hotel, and Car Transactions)
  • Sophisticated Business Intelligence suite and Dashboarding that can be tied in with data from other systems such as TMC Back Office, Expense, Credit Card, HR, and more!
  • Quick and easy implementation with customizable configurations specific to YOUR needs
  • Control and Compliance
    • Prevent over-payments; Set controls for when and where payments are made
    • Virtually eliminate risk and fraud
    • Ensure compliance to corporate travel policy
  • Efficiency and Process Savings
    • Reconciliation is streamlined
    • Dispute resolution is simplified
    • Improved reporting and accounting with enhanced data capture
  • No transaction costs
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GraspPAY is the latest solution from two of the Travel Industry’s leading software and solutions providers, Grasp Technologies and SureWare.  

Grasp Technologies is the leader in data management, consolidation, and visualization of data for the Travel Industry whose solutions serve over 60,000 organizations in over 100 countries.  Grasp Technologies is trusted and relied upon to provide solutions to some of the industry’s most challenging data needs for TMCs, Corporations, Governments, Financial Institutions, Consortia, and Technology Vendors.  Grasp Technologies is known for providing easy to use, efficient, and affordable solutions, built in the latest technologies, while maintaining the highest levels of service.  Grasp Technologies has brought it’s expertise and unique business model to the GraspPAY solution that has no equal.

SureWare is a partner and certified developer with many travel point of sale systems and GDS systems.

Grasp Technologies and SureWare have taken virtual payment solutions to the next level for TMC’s and Corporations with GraspPAY, a fully integrated  point of sale, traveler profile, and business intelligence solution in one.