Developed by the leading data management and solutions providers in the Travel and Expense Industry (T&E),  GraspPAY offers a complete ecosystem for managing Virtual Card Number (VCN) technology.

Built with a specific focus on ease of use and the ultimate in functionality, GraspPAY provides a solution to Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and corporate travel booking channels that is unlike any other in the industry. GraspPAY Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs) can be integrated into the major GDS and online booking tools to provide a more efficient, effective, and secure way to pay for and settle corporate travel and expense transactions.

GraspPAY also provides fully integrated analytics for better managing all of your data and making real time, impactful decisions that drive business cost savings and efficiency.

Ease of use

GraspPAY Generates virtual cards automatically within the booking flow and improves efficiency by automating the process of reconciliation

Integrated Intelligence

GraspPAY comes with a totally integrated reporting and analytics suite for managing all aspects of each and every transaction. 

Complete Flexibility

GraspPAY was designed with a focus on ease of use and to bring functionality into the Virtual Payment space that has traditionally not been available.